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# of Room 462 Junkies::

*~*~*~*All your dreams have come true!*~*~*~*

*~*You've stumbled upon the world of Room 462!*~*


That's right people. There's always something crazy happening in Room 462 and you've found the secret place to check out all the loony shananigans of these two oh so hot and smart and sexy and big breasted girls. Apart we are called Dee and Laura but when we're together, we magically bond and form the super woman with bodacious superhero powers called Laurdee!!! Watch out boys! Laurdee is too irresistable and her powers will knock your dirty socks right off ya.

Ok sorry to scare you off, check out our stuff. I know you'll all want to steal our pictures and sell them for thousands of dollars at art sales and high class ebay auctions so go right ahead. We just demand 462% of the profit:) Hey we need to pay for the fine campus dining some how? By the way, if you want a photo personally signed by us that's cool, but be aware that we are backed up with signings so it might take a few years.


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